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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Amanda for quite a few years now. She’s always been one of those people that makes the group more fun! She’s sweet and her smile lights up the room. I haven’t known Matt quite as long, but he’s just as sweet and fun to be around as Amanda. Matt and Amanda are just perfect for each other!

I’m pretty sure you will recognize a lot of faces in this gorgeous wedding. Also you might start to wonder how many different families and friendships are intertwined. Don’t worry the best man clears that all up later in his speech and I’ll help explain it to you too!

The ladies started early in the morning at the Hilton Garden Inn Austin Landing with their pretty prep team! Angelica Ross Make-up Artistry did an amazing job!

Onto the Schuster Center Wintergarden for the reception! If you’ve never experienced a wedding here before you are in for a treat. It’s so gorgeous and open yet its warm and inviting.

All of the speeches at this wedding were wonderful. Most of us went from laugning to crying and back to laughing through them all!

The best man happens to be Matt’s brother. He decided to explain to everyone all the family and friend connections during his speech. He even made this poster board for visual aid. I’ll give you a recap of it all…however my delivery won’t be nearly as entertaining as Nick’s speech.

There are three sets of families listed as you see below. The first and longest connection is Mandy and Lindsay (Amanda’s sister) who have been best friends for like 20-25+ years. Fast forward to Jenny (my best friend of 15+ years & Mandy’s sister) dating and then married JJ (Amanda & Lindsay’s brother). Right around this same time Mandy (Jenny’s sister & Lindsay’s best friend) also met, dated and married Nick (Matt’s brother). If I’ve lost you…..you need to scroll down and check the visual aid…it comes in quite handy! 🙂 Shortly after Mandy and Nick got married Matt and Amanda met and have been together ever since. Small world right? I’m so glad I’ve been able to meet and hang out with all these wonderful families and friends over the years.

Michael Sherman and Ben Avci from Felix and Fingers dueling pianos kept the party going for hours! I’ve been shooting weddings for over 20 years and there is nothing better than live music! I knew these guys were going to be amazing but they exceeded expectations! SUCH A FUN IDEA FOR RECEPTION! Great thinking Amanda and Matt!

No wedding is complete without Tony Stark dancing with the ladies!

Amanda and Matt I can’t thank you enough for having us photograph your AMAZING day! A fun time was had by all who attended…that was wonderful to see! You two are so special and I’m so excited for you both and what the future holds.

The day ran smoothly with the help of Lisa from Party with a Snapp. Gorgeous flowers from The Flower Man

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