Signa and Bob | Dayton Ohio Wedding Photographer captures Carolina Beach Photos

Back in August we headed to North Carolina for a family vacation.   The last time we tried taking a beach family vacation with our girls….we had cold temps of 65 degrees and high winds.   Sadly we didn’t really get to enjoy the beach like we had planned.   It was February and we thought a 4 day cruise from Florida to the Bahamas would include some warm temps.  Mother nature thought otherwise.

So this year we hoped that by heading to Carolina Beach in August we would have warm temps!  Boy oh boy did we have warm weather… to be exact….and it was WONDERFUL!  The ocean felt amazing and we had a wonderful time swimming, boogie boarding and sand castle building.  We invited my mom (Signa) and step dad (Bob) on our trip.  I had mentioned to my mom that we should do an updated portrait session of her and Bob.  For those of us who live in the midwest…how often do you get a chance to have your portraits professionally taken on the beach?  I also asked her if she would try and take a couple shots of my family as well.  She agreed, but like a lot of us  the planning and actually getting ready for photos can be a bit tiring and stressful.   I’m going to be honest here that no one was very excited about doing the photos.  So moms out there trying to rally your family for photos… aren’t alone.

We procrastinated on doing the photos and here it was the last night of vacation.  Then the rain clouds and the storm came.   BOOOOO!   My photo mojo was dwindling.  Let’s all keep getting ready and maybe this will pass??  We were all mostly ready and sitting out on the deck watching the ocean and rain.  I’m bummed in my head thinking these photos aren’t going to happen.

BUT WAIT…..then it appeared.  In the distance there was a rainbow!!!!!  OVER THE OCEAN!   It was a photographers dream!!!!  Except for one small problem….it was still raining!   I’ve geared up  before (and looked ridiculous holding an umbrella with my chin) shooting weddings in the rain.  Those are once in a lifetime events that clients hire me cover and trust that I will do everything in my power to capture their moments.   I didn’t pack that kind of protective gear with me.  So I captured some silhouettes of Mom and Bob on the covered deck with the rainbow in the background.  Cool!  I was able to capture them and the rainbow.  Now what??

Literally seconds later… got really quiet….ANDY…DID THE RAIN JUST STOP????   Um….YEP!   He checks the radar and determines there might be a break in the rain.   MOM!  BOB!  OUT ON THE BEACH….NOW!   Talk about everyone getting out of a funk and into a wonderful mood in a matter of minutes.  WHOO HOO!  Aren’t these two SO adorable!  I LOVE how much they love each other and it shows in the way they look at each other!!!!

Here are some fun and GORGEOUS photographs of a loving couple on the beach…..WITH A RAINBOW!   Something I may only have this one chance in my life to capture.     I am one lucky girl!    My mom did a great job capturing a few shots of my family as well.  I have high expectations when it come to photos…THANK YOU mom for getting these for us to treasure! 

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  • Mom - awh….I love all of these. You are right, we were dragging our feet about the whole thing. Glad you didn’t give up on us. Glad I didn’t cut off all of your heads when I just clicked and clicked, hoping to get some good ones for you. thanks sweetie.October 6, 2017 – 3:50 pm

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