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Dan + Katie + Mason + Payne +  Miles!!!!

Have you ever met someone and immediately think they might be the sweetest person you’ve ever met?   That’s Katie!  Her middle son Payne and Josie go to preschool together.  I was So excited when Katie asked about getting a family photography session in Tipp City this fall!  Sweet mama plus 3 ADORABLE boys!  I met Dan at our session and instantly knew he’s the perfect match for Katie.  Dan has the kindest smile and is an awesome dad!  Speaking of parenting…Katie and Dan since you are new to my blog you may not know this…but you two are ROCK STARS!  I’ve mentioned on here before about how hard parenting can be and I only have two littles.  Anyone that has more than two..I don’t know how you do it!  And folks…these boys are just as busy as they are cute!

Thank you again Katie and Dan!  I hope you treasure these photos with your little guys!

Brotherly love!This is one of my favorites…little Miles will cherish this photo when he’s older!This guy was on the move a LOT!  I love how this photo captures that!

It’s been a couple years since I’ve photographed this loving family.   I can’t get over how much the kids have grown in such a short amount of time.   Pam and Neil live down the street and around the corner from us.  Pam is an wonderful mom and an amazing runner.  Yeah she’s ran the Boston Marathon along with her many other talents.  Her husband Neil is super smart and very kind.  I first met Pam a few years ago when Oliver (her middle) and Evie (my oldest) were in preschool together at St. John’s in Tipp City.  Oliver has always been one of those kids who melts my heart!  I swear he always has a big smile on his face when he sees you!  Plus he gives the best hugs!  His older sister Lucia is sweet, smart and a very determined and talented gymnast!   The baby of the family is Vivian!   She’s the funny, always singing, daredevil of the group!   Vivi and my daughter Josie get along like peas and carrots!  They play SO well together…that Pam and I often trade them back and forth.  They tend to keep each other occupied together vs. getting into trouble while on their own.  Everybody wins!  LOL

I think you’ll fall in love with this family pretty quickly as I have.  You can see their personalities shine through in these photos. mother daughter photo tipp city ohioclassic family portrait in tipp city ohiocandid family dayton ohio photographerNot all mamas and kids can rock a serious photo.  This one of Pam and Vivi???   ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES!!!mommy and me session dayton ohiosiblin giggles tipp city family photographerI LOVE me a good silhouette.  And I love a good family silhouette even more!!!  We had the PERFECT weather for this.  Sadly if it’s very cloudy or overcast….these don’t turn out as well.  Luckily for their session…we had clear blue skies and sunset at a decent hour.  If I tried this in the middle of june most kiddos wouldn’t make it till 9:30pm…so fall is a great time for getting this shot before everyone’s bedtime!family sihouette photography