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Back in High School I was blessed to spend all 4 years with a large group of kids that became what I would call “my crew”.  We were together 1 class every day,  3 hours every Monday evening, a couple of weeks in the summer and almost every Saturday in January thru March/April.  This group I’m talking about was show choir and ours was (and still is) called  Classic Connection.  (click the link and you can see some you tube videos of us all.  Sadly Marcus and Lindsey’s senior year show has not been posted to youtube yet…hmmm…maybe this winter I will work on that 🙂   I remember Marcus being hilarious, kind and laid back and Lindsey also had a great sense of humor, was kind and very intelligent….she’s a Notre Dame grad!!!  Go IRISH!

Fast forward 15-20 years and here they are….amazing parents of the cutest, sweetest and FULL of energy boys.  I get very excited when friends from school contact me to photograph their families.  It is so wonderful to see them as loving parents.  Lindsey’s parents actually needed extended family pictures updated….as in the last time they had a pro, they had no grand babies.  We were able to coordinate schedules to all be in our hometown at the same time (weekend of my 20 year class reunion)  These are all shot on Jo an Linda’s property….where Simon and Lindsey grew up.  It was the perfect setting as you will see… without further ado… are some highlight from their extended family photo session.

We started with Simon and Amy’s family.  Their little girls Kenzie and Reagan will make you smile for sure!!!

001002Updated family photos….check and mark!003004Marc and Lindsey are raising some sweet boys!   Shortly after getting to the house I got to meet their oldest Cooper.  He told his cousins after meeting me that I was pretty and made sure none of them walked in on my while I was using the facilities!   That’s a good young man you are raising there M and L!   005006Joe and Linda…don’t you love their smiles!007008Sisters….009010011I love Elias smiling so big at his daddy….and Luca’s sweet face looking right at me.  One of my favorites here!
012I stopped over a few days before our session to double check their property and visualized this shot immediately once I saw these three barn doors.  After asking Joe if it was safe enough to squeeze each family in….he loved the idea I had come up with!  Another favorite!013014015016The kids really wanted to play in the leave….I told them at the end it was time!  So much fun!!!!017

  • jenny g - O.M.G. how adooooorable is this family session with this location? The white fence, the BARN DOORS with the families in each frame, the throwing of the leaves?! I just love ALL of it! You’re making me want to commission you next time we come in town for our annual family get togethers! Fab work as always my friend!! XOXOSeptember 2, 2016 – 11:25 am

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