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This couple and their families are very dear to my heart.  Even though I only spent 3 days with them….because of their kindness and fun loving spirit…I feel like I’ve known them all for years.  I really wish the world could embrace combining cultures and diversities the way these two families have.  Every time I turned around all weekend…there were smiles and celebration!   Sonia and Tim thank you again for giving me the privilege of photographing your wedding.

Here the ladies started the morning getting ready and watching a SUPER fun wedding video!  I would share the link…but I’m saving this for my best friend Jenny’s wedding next fall!So funny…trying to figure this out!The shot above this was so cloudy from the hairspray…the shot below was actually shot through the window outside.  The ceremony and reception were held at the Masonic Temple.  This building looks huge from the outside…but let me tell you….it’s even BIGGER on the inside.  The elevator says it has “3” floors…it’s a liar…it’s like 6 or 8!!!  You can seriously shoot in just about any room in this gorgeous venue. I don’t think Tim can take a bad photo!And Sonia…’s obvious in these photos how gorgeous she is.  But once you get to know her…she’s a beautiful person on the inside too.  So many amazing traditions!Hiding the groom before the bride enters…We didn’t set this up…Andy or Claire caught this right after the ceremony!  I love real moments!I love this series!  This is so them! Just as smiley and sweet in person!Duffy from Party Pleasers did such a wonderful job as the DJ.  His timing with confetti at the end of the night was PERFECTION!!!!!

A little behind the scenes photo here.  I had to squeeze and lean back so much to use the lens I wanted and get the crop I wanted…so I asked my husband Andy to come and hold me up.  He is grinning here because he knows Claire is taking our picture and that the rest of the wedding party can’t see him.  To play a joke on Claire..he continues to move his camera with the ZOOM lens…well it’s inappropriate to tell you here on the blog….so use your imagination 🙂

I will blog part two of this adorable couple and tell you more about them next week!  For now…enjoy some images from their Sangeet and pre-wedding day session!