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Well hello there!  I’d like you to meet this sweet, genuine, down to earth, not to mention ADORABLE family!  I have been looking forward to this session ever since Damian sent me a facebook message that he was ready to book!  (actually….I’ve been excited ever since he recommended me to a friend on facebook  a year+ ago and mentioned that he was planning on having me photograph his family sometime down the road)   You see Damian and I go WAY back….all the way to elementary school!  That’s right…good old McKenny Harrison.  I will refrain from telling you exactly how many years ago that was!  Although we were never close friends (he was pretty popular while I was a “not very cool” choir girl) I always remember him as being kind and smart!   This was the first time I’d met his wife Cassie who is an amazingly patient and beautiful wife and mom!   And their kids….are you kidding me with the cuteness here!!!  I had to make myself not gawk to much over Lucy and her blue eyes and her curls as I was afraid I’d scare her off!    She is one of the best behaved 3 year olds I have ever met!  High fives to Damian and Cassie!  Little Thomas is 18 months and full of energy and wants to explore and be independent yet still wants to be held and snuggled sometimes too.  We really had a fun time during this session!  Thanks again you guys!   Oh…and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAMIAN!!!!!

I ADORE this family! And for those of you who know them…I bet you adore them too!   You might remember their session  from a few years ago posted here.  Lucy and Thomas have grown quite a bit since then but are just as adorable and might even have more energy!  Can we talk about how gorgeous Cassie is for a minute?  And I know all you ladies are drooling over her hair and that gorgeous braid!  Bree at Hair Country did an awesome job on both Cassie and Lucy’s hair.

We decided to start their session in downtown Auburn around the courthouse square.  Our hometown has the PRETTIEST county courthouse in the state.   (I’m only a tiny bit bias here…it’s SO gorgeous)

001002005004This is one of my favorites.  It’s like Thomas just told the best joke and he’s so proud and laughing at it himself too! Such a cutie!006We then headed back to their beautiful home and property out in the country.   We added a few with their cute pup!
008This is Lotus….isn’t she a sweetie!009010They all think I’m pretty funny….well maybe not Lotus…she seems distracted……squirrel!!!!  lol

011We have to take a moment and talk about Lucy’s stunning blue eyes!  You may have noticed how gorgeous they are in previous pictures….she has the prettiest blue eyes I’ve EVER seen!  (that’s saying a lot as my oldest daughter Evie has some gorgeous blue eyes….but Lucy’s got her beat)  🙂   And isn’t Thomas just the cutest 4 year old boy!   I’ll refrain from harassing Damian and Cassie to have any more babies….but I know you all are thinking in your heads…man these two make gorgeous children!!!   😉012I’m trying to incorporate some real life moments into my family sessions whenever possible.  We talked about a few ideas before their session and settled on getting the kids in their pjs and reading them some stories.   I’m in love with every single one of these from the end of their session!  I’ll hold myself back from posting them all!013Who can’t resist a kiddo in pjs with a super hero mask and cape!!!!!015Another favorite!!!
014016We were waiting for the sun to get softer before we could use their beautiful front door for a few.  I think these two make the perfect ending to such a wonderful session!  Thank you again for trusting me to capture your family and your lives.  It truly was an honor and so much fun all at the same time!!!!!017