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I took my husband Andy and our daughters Evie and Josie out for a mini session back in early May.   I was feeling a little rusty coming off the slow winter season and thought it would be fun and a good challenge to photograph my own family.  Fun???  YES!!!!!    Challenging????  Oh my goodness  YES!!!!  Luckily my girls are wonderful children….for other people LOL!  For their parents……well….I think they are pretty close to most kiddos at giving us a hard time and being crazy.  Add Andy who’s not a fan of photos (most guys I know don’t enjoy photo shoots) AND he was chewing gum the whole time.   Let’s just say I kept it under 25 minutes!   I LOVE how these turned out and I think I need to do a mini session of them once a year.

This first photo captures the three of them so well!  They are 4 and 7….they are loving but FULL of energy but push us to the limit and test us as parents ALL THE TIME!!!  This parenting gig is amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for the world….but I’ll be real here internet friends.  It’s hard!  REALLY HARD!   Having said that I wouldn’t want to be going through parenting with anyone else!   Andy I hope you have an amazing Father’s day!   Our girls are blessed to have you as their daddy!


  • Mom - I love all the photos. You capture there relationships so well. But I really like what you wrote above. Proud of you as always.June 21, 2017 – 6:27 pm

Get ready blog world…..because this family is about the sweetest, spunkiest and fun family you’ve ever seen!   That might be a a tiny over the top but boy oh boy did we have a great time together!  I’ve known Kimberly and Paul for a long time now.  I photographed their wedding back before I branched out and started my own business.   Kimberly and I have stayed in touch via Facebook and it’s been fun to watch her girls grow!  We have to make a play date happen!  I think our girls would get along really well!  Thank you Kimberly and Paul for trusting me to capture this time in your lives.  Your happiness with your girls makes me smile!001002003004005006007008009010011012013014015I remember my dad flying me around similar to this when I was little!  LOVE!016017Strike a pose!!!!!!   Emma you WIN!018