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Get ready blog world…..because this family is about the sweetest, spunkiest and fun family you’ve ever seen!   That might be a a tiny over the top but boy oh boy did we have a great time together!  I’ve known Kimberly and Paul for a long time now.  I photographed their wedding back before I branched out and started my own business.   Kimberly and I have stayed in touch via Facebook and it’s been fun to watch her girls grow!  We have to make a play date happen!  I think our girls would get along really well!  Thank you Kimberly and Paul for trusting me to capture this time in your lives.  Your happiness with your girls makes me smile!001002003004005006007008009010011012013014015I remember my dad flying me around similar to this when I was little!  LOVE!016017Strike a pose!!!!!!   Emma you WIN!018

If you’ve followed this blog for a while then you will recognize this crew.  This family are dear friends of ours and have a special place in my heart.  I look forward to photographing them each year.   And for those of you who don’t know them….they are as beautiful and sweet on the inside as they are on the outside.   Thanks again for a wonderful session guys!
201202203204This one makes me smile!!205206207I was going to post a whole series of outtakes from their session as we have so many funny ones.  But I’ve ran out of time.  (be nice…it’s fall and I’m a photographer and thanksgiving deadlines are all due tomorrow)  So here’s the only one I was able to keep in.  It’s still so hilarious and cute!208209210A classic family shot…but one of my faves. 211212213214215216

  • JennyBZ - Looking good Picketts!! Can’t believe how big the kids are strong! Love that one of Jason and Natalie at the end. So good. Beautiful job w these faye!! We all know how difficult Jason can be 😉 I kid, I kid. Fab job, friend! xxNovember 22, 2016 – 4:32 pm